Gotcha4Life is committed to improving the metal health of Australian men so we’ve teamed up with regional organisation Rural Outlook Counselling to take mental health care where it’s needed most.

Gotcha4Life will provide financial assistance to the group, as we work toward reducing the number of Australian men taking their own lives.

It’s no secret poor mental heath is rampant in the bush, and suicide is on the rise, yet studies show 70% of people struggling with a mental health issue in regional Australia still try to deal with it themselves. The result is often domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse.

That’s where Rural Outlook Counselling comes in.

This Riverina-based not-for-profit will provide mental health counsellors to assess sufferers and provide them with strategies to assist with recovery and support.

They will make contact within 24 hours and will even travel into the person’s home to be the first-responder.


The key to saving lives is for sufferers to acknowledge they have a problem and to seek help. This takes motivation and energy from the people they trust, so they need confident mates, family members or community leaders.

Rural Outlook Counselling will introduce MateKeeper workshops to train community members to be aware of the signals and to take action to encourage those around them to seek help.

MateKeeper will empower regular people to connect with others in a meaningful way, and therefore help prevent or reduce the impact of suicide, depression and anxiety within their family or community.


Anyone can look out for friends and family but some people are better qualified to become a MateKeeper…..

– A MateKeeper is committed to the ethos of family and community.

– A MateKeeper has a positive social presence in their community.

– A MateKeeper is prepared to act.

– A MateKeeper is prepared to give of their time and of themselves to help another.

– A MateKeeper is comfortable with professional service providers.

– A MateKeeper is capable of forming working relationships with service providers.                                                                                                                     – A MateKeeper has experience as a sufferer or as a carer.

– A MateKeeper understands simple and basic decision making processes.

– A MateKeeper has an open and honest persona.

– A MateKeeper is easy to trust.

According to ROC, the first step in addressing suicide prevention in rural Australia is having proactive individuals within a community looking, listening and letting somebody know if there is a problem. And they’re calling on the community to help.

“Be proactive no matter who you are, reach out, take the extra step for the patient or customer. Make the extra effort for the ailing friend or relative, spend the extra minute with the bereaved and the lonely, and give the sympathetic smile for the troubled human being nearby.

“Proactive people need to give of themselves to help those struggling with mental health issues.

“Being proactive signals to others that we count them worthy of our attention and concern as humans. It’s important they know we care.”