Another huge week for Gotcha4Life, with the charity receiving a $10,000 donation from Club Rivers.

The club hosted a ‘Beer Tasting’, which paired great food with a range of boutique beers, to encourage men to come together for a feed, a drink, and a chat. They then donated all the ticket sales back to the charity, which is committed to improving the mental health of Australian men.

Gotcha4Life’s Gus Worland says the event was the perfect forum for men to spend the afternoon.

“Lots of formal gatherings see conversations stopped frequently for a speech of some sort. The Beer Tasting had a brief set of speeches, then men were able to talk amongst themselves, building relationships the entire time.

“It’s really important men talk about their feelings, and that they have someone to talk to, so days like this are important in bringing men together.”

And Gus is hopeful this event is the start of something big.

“We have the support of Clubs NSW,” he says. “Together we would love to make events like these happen once a month all over the state. It’s a great way for local clubs to contribute to their community, and support Gotcha4Life in the fight to improve men’s mental health.”