There’s a number of ways to get involved:

  1. We are actively looking for Corporate Supporters as well as Individual Supporters who can donate.
  2. Run a morning tea or mufti day – either in your office or at your school
  3. Hold an event which raises funds for men’s mental health
  4. Raise funds on your efforts create a Benojo account and see if your contacts will support you! Great if you’re running a half marathon, bike riding or doing an event and your friends and family are interested in sponsoring you and ultimately helping our efforts to improve men’s mental health. SignUp at 
  5. Take part in the Cliff Side Fun Run Festival – or offer to help out.
  6. Become a Lifeline Crisis Support counsellor
  7. something else… if you have specific skills or ideas please reach out to us.

Please contact us on if you have a specific challenge/opportunity you would like to discuss with us in connection with Mens Mental Health and the Gotcha 4 life Project.

Otherwise, keep in contact with us and follow us on social media.

Donate and make an impact