When was the last time you offered, or received a Man Hug?

Mike Charter and radio personality Gus Worland think there should be more of it!

Gus is the face of men’s mental health with Mike Charter and Gareth Pike’s AVAAL 4 Life foundation and the ‘Gotcha4Life’ project, which aims to reduce the number of Australian men taking their own lives.

Currently, we are losing six men a day to suicide. That’s six fathers, sons husbands and mates, and Gus wants to do something about it.

Gus is working to bring-down this frightening statistic- firstly, by encouraging men to talk to each other about the things that matter, then sealing it with a hug.

“We are excited to be kicking off Gotcha 4 Life,” says Gus. “ It says ‘I’ve got your back brother’, and will encourage men to have more conversations that require a hug at the end.”

“Men are great at banter,” says Gus. “But we want to encourage men to escape ‘banterland’ and really share their feelings, then offer up a hug- so men know they are valued and supported by other men.”