It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, September  3, so why not give your dad something nobody else in the world can?  Give him your time- and a big, hearty hug!

Gotcha4Life co-founder Gus Worland says one of the key factors in improving a man’s mental health is having someone with whom they can share their real feelings AND, he’s a huge fan of the Man Hug!

“Men need to escape ‘banterland’,” says Gus. ‘They need to have someone in their lives they feel will listen to a serious conversation then have that conversation sealed with a hug, so their friends and family know they’ve Gotcha4Life. And who better to do this with than your own son or daughter?”

Gus says being loved and needed is essential to maintain strong mental health.

A father of teenagers, Gus says he personally would rather spend time with his family than receive gifts he doesn’t really need. “Dads can pick up a T-shirt or some movie tickets anywhere, but you can give your father the gift nobody else can.”

“As my kids grow up, I’m finding we all spend less time together. I can only imagine it gets harder and harder as the kids continue to grow up and head off into the world, and it must have been hard for my father too. It’s important we all make time to be together so there’s room for those important conversations.”

“We feel it’s essential to put steps in place to help men cope.

“The Man Hug is a bond between men. It’s a show of support to let the men in your life know you have their back, that they have someone to talk to if things get rough. But it also works between family members.

“What better gift to give your dad on Sunday than to spend some time, have a conversation about how he’s really feeling, then seal it all with a hearty, loving hug?”