Our Pillars for Gotcha4life Project

We established the Gus Worland ‘GOTCHA 4 Life’ Project to target Men’s Mental Health – with the goal of saving lives and making a significant impact in raising the mental state of boys, men and their families.

Mental Health issues are the leading cause of death in Males from 17 – 45 more than a 6 a Day.

We know there are actions that can save lives and make a massive impact on people and their families.



Pillar 1 –Lifeline Crisis Support Scholarship Program

Studies show men in crisis respond best to a male counsellor. Lifeline is critically short of crisis supporters —especially males. The Gotcha4Life Project will fund training to increase the number of people manning the phone lines at Lifeline, reduce waiting times for people in need of urgent assistance, and give men more opportunity to speak with a trained male counsellor.  To find out more click here: https://gotcha4life.org/lifeline-counsellor/

Pillar 2 – Gotcha4Life Schools Program

An in-school program for boys talking about what it means to be a man in Australia. The Gotcha4Life Project will help fund this program across the country to challenge stereotypes presented to boys. The program drives acknowledgement, acceptance and understanding of challenges facing boys.  Initially led by ‘Bloke Whisperer’ Tom Harkin, this program drives acceptance and understanding of the challenges facing males of all ages.

Pillar 3 – Gotcha4Life Start-up Program

With the heartbreaking number of men taking their lives every day, the issue has touched the lives of many families. Countless small operators work within the mental health sphere to tackle depression among men. This program will provide seed-funding to worthy individuals and organisations in a bid to aid networks across the country, at grassroots level, to deliver on an outcome that improves a persons Mental State.

Pillar 4 – National Man Hug Day

National Man Hug Day on March 16, 2018 encourages men to have a deeper discussion with trusted friends and seal it with a hug. It’s been proven touch creates a human connection — and this action makes you feel better. Hugging someone reinforces you are giving support, while receiving a hug lets you know someone has got your back.

Pillar 5 – Gotcha4Life Everyday

Communications that spread the word – driving Awareness / Actions / Activities – via TV, Radio, Social Media Channels, Radio and Print – that will lead to an improved Mental State and Wellbeing of people across the country and the world.

This is just the start – the team are wanting to take a new stand to address this issue, it needs a results orientated approach and innovative solutions and this team is 100% committed to making a difference.


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