Our Pillars for Gotcha4life Project

We established the Gus Worland ‘GOTCHA 4 Life’ Project to target Men’s Mental Health – with the goal of saving lives and making a significant impact in raising the mental state of boys, men and their families.

Mental Health issues are the leading cause of death in Males from 17 – 45 more than a 6 a Day.

We know there are actions that can save lives and make a massive impact on people and their families.



Pillar 1 – Gotcha4Life Program 1.4

The Gotcha4Life Program is a comprehensive program that is specifically designed to deliver on the vision and mission of Gotcha4Life – it encompasses the principles of:

  1. Having a go to person in your life – your Gotcha4Life mate
  2. What that means – the criteria to be able to call them that
  3. How to establish that type of connection with someone
  4. How to maintain that connection
  5. What to do with it – the actions that you need to take – this is not a 1 dimensional ‘G-day Mate’ concept
  6. What is a Man Hug- Why is it so important – Where it fits into the process and the lasting impact that it can have on your Gotcha4Life Mate

Pillar 2 – Gotcha4Life Schools Program  – Funding engaging workshops across Australia – Powering ‘Tomorrow Man’

  • Provide memorable and impactful workshops, that draw attention to stats on male suicide and the outdated male stereotypes in a safe environment
  • Drive acknowledgement, acceptance and understanding of challenges facing males
  • Discover what it means to be a bloke today and what it might look like tomorrow
  • To talk openly and honestly to address emotional intensity

Pillar 3 – Scholarship Programs – Financial support for Men’s Mental Health initiatives

          Lifeline Crisis Supporters

  • Encourage more men in Australia to become Crisis Supporters
  • Fund the extensive training and support needed to become a Lifeline Crisis Supporter
  • Give men in need of urgent assistance more opportunity to speak with a trained Male Crisis Supporter

To find out more click here: https://gotcha4life.org/lifeline-counsellor/

Start Up Programs

  • Provide seed funding for community based projects that will have a positive impact on Men’s Mental Health
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