Magic happened at Knox Grammar School this week when Gotcha4Life brought in ‘Bloke Whisperer’ Tom Harkin to explore stereotypes and discuss what it really means to be a man.

More than 240 men and boys from Years 7-12 gathered in the prestigious school hall for the event, which started with awkward silence.

“If this was a room full of women I wouldn’t be able to hear myself think,” says Gotcha4Life co-founder Mike Charter. “Tom drew everyone’s attention to the quiet- saying that was the real problem. Men don’t talk enough. It was a powerful message.”

Tom spoke of his own influences, encouraged conversations, and discussed the pressures placed on men, both by our society, and by themselves.

“There were tears and hugs,” says Mike. “ It was life changing. We certainly need to do more of these events in schools right across the country, which is why we have set up this charity. We aim to raise money to implement our pillars, one of which is taking this message into schools, where we can improve men’s mental health right from the beginning.