One Sydney school has set a benchmark in looking after the emotional wellbeing of its students.

Marist Brothers Parramatta is a boy’s school known for turning out tough men. It’s a rugby league enclave in the heart of Western Sydney.

But the Principal and teachers know only too well how vulnerable young men can be.

Under the guidance of teacher Luke Barry-Donnellan, and inspired by the work of Gotcha4Life’s Gus Worland, the school has set up a program for all Year 9 and Year 10 boys, to make them aware of the importance of meaningful communication and listening to your mates.

Gus visited the school this week, where he witnessed first-hand this incredible program and the effect it’s having on the boys.

“This remarkable school knows how important it is to consider the emotional needs of its students,” says Gus. “They’ve invested money in the boy’s wellbeing through the creation of this program, plus they’re inviting regular visits from Tom Harkin and Tomorrow’s Man, so the boys are well-prepared for the challenges of growing up.

“Marist Brothers is doing a wonderful job. I think if other schools followed suit our boys would be in a much better place. This is what Gotcha4Life is working towards, encouraging schools to get on board with this Gotcha4Life philosophy and program.